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Frequently Asked Question

We strive to make meme better as user-friendly as possible, but if anything is unclear or you're just curious, we hope you'll find your answers below.

  1. How do I save my meme image?

    You have 2 options to save your image to your computer or mobile device. Use the one you prefer.

    Desktop users

    1. Right-click the image and select "Save Image as".
    2. Use the "Save Image" button in the Meme Generator, which will prompt you to download the image.

    Mobile users1

    1. Press-and-hold the meme image and you will be prompted to save it.2
    2. Use the "Save Image" button in the Meme Generator, which will prompt you to download the image.

    If "Auto Refresh" was turned off for performance reasons, you will need to manually refresh your meme before you save it. To do this, click/press your meme image and it will re-generate.

    1 Some Android users may have difficulty saving images due to browser limitations with generated images. We will provide workarounds whenever possible.

    2 Press-and-hold may not work on all mobile devices, use the image saving technique supported by your device.

  2. Can I use other images?

    Absolutely, you can use any image from you computer or device.

    Desktop users*
    You have 2 ways to use a local image

    1. Drag-and-drop an image from your computer into the Meme Generator page.
    2. Use the file picker button to choose a local image.

    Mobile users*

    1. Use the file picker button to choose an image from your device.

    * Only supported by recent browsers (Chrome 6+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 10+, Safari 6+, Android 3+)

  3. Why can't I save my memes to your servers?

    We opted to give you full control over the memes you create. You can save the image locally to your computer or device and decide its fate from there. Keep your memes and images private, or upload it for the world to see, that's up to you.

    Use one of the free image sites such as imgur if you need image hosting.

  4. Why does the meme generator run slowly while I type?

    By default, the meme generator generates a new image on-the-fly after every letter typed via the "Auto Refresh" feature. For most high-performance devices, this gives a fluid experience, but performance may suffer on slower devices.

    If you find your device is slow while typing, disable "Auto Refresh" and manually update your meme by clicking on it.

  5. Why doesn't the meme generator work for me?

    meme better makes use of modern web browser features to bring you the best user experience. Unfortunately, older browsers lack these advanced capabilities. Having the most up-to-date browser available to you would assure the best experience.

    We recommend the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (6+) or Internet Explorer (10+).

    Some mobile browsers, such as Opera Mini and Amazon Kindle Silk, perform optimizations not compatible with our image manipulation techniques. Please use a different mobile browser to get the most out of our meme generator.